Honest Recruitment



by Matthew Squirrell

Recruitment Telephone


I’ve been a part of the recruitment industry for over 10 years and I regularly see recruiters getting it in the neck… Nearly as much as Estate Agents!

Of course, there are some very BAD recruiters out there, but trust me this isn’t the case with every one of us.

Take a read of some of my insights into how to get the best from your recruiter. There could be some things that you may not be doing, that get in the way of you getting the best from your recruiter:

Do what you say you’re going to do:

Put simply, it’s a 2-way street. If a recruiter says they will call you at 9pm they should call you at 9pm, but if you’ve asked a recruiter to call you at 9pm make sure you answer the call. With time at a premium, this would be a way to confirm your integrity to a recruiter seeking committed candidates in a hotly contested marketplace.

Honesty IS the best policy:

Your recruiter is your key to some of the best jobs in the industry and they need to know about any skeletons in the closet if they are to represent you properly. They don’t need to know in order to judge you but to find the best way to honestly represent you to their clients. Therefore, no matter how embarrassing your reason for leaving your last job, or no matter how many jobs you’ve had just tell the truth. Finding out the truth from others in the industry will instantly destroy any trust you have with your chosen recruiter. In the same way you should expect your recruiter to tell you the truth – even if it hurts.

Agree time scales for contact and updates:

“I’m too busy to talk”, “Can’t talk right now, I’m at work”. Recruiters are busy people too, but they have candidates who will MAKE time to talk, and it’s those people that get the recruiters attention. If there is a preferable time you can talk, you must let that recruiter know at the beginning of the process. Most recruiters are happy to make the time to talk, as long as that’s what has been agreed at the beginning.

Remain an exclusive candidate:

Exclusivity costs nothing but is hugely valuable to any recruiter. But what’s in it for you? TIME. To a recruiter time is their most important resource and they will use that time on those they have commitment for. If you commit to them they are going to work their backside off to honour that commitment. You want a recruiter to know you’re going to repay their time investment? Give them exclusivity on your search. BUT, set a time scale so that you can see the return on that investment. A week should be enough time to see if your recruiter is investing in you properly.

Give honest feedback:

You want the job? Tell the recruiter you want that job and why! If they know what you want, they will be doing their upmost to get it secured for you. You’re having second thoughts? TELL THE RECRUITER! No decent recruiter is going to get upset that you don’t want the job, but they will be if they feel that they have been duped or misled. Once a candidate starts ‘ghosting’ that’s their card marked.

Listen to your recruiter:

Most recruiters know a thing or 2 about recruitment (at least they should do). They will have attended more interviews than most, they will know the best path to take when it comes to negotiating an offer, they will have all the interview hints and tips to help you perform to your best ability. The experience of your recruiter is there for the taking USE IT!