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by Morelle Pierson

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The latest benefits on offer from Property Employers!

Most employees rank benefits and perks as a leading consideration before taking on a new role, so in this competitive market it is important that employers offer a strong package.  

Having done some research on websites such as &, it’s clear that most companies offer a pretty standard Core Benefits scheme including things like; pension, holiday, maybe insurance (life/health) etc. But surely, we can do better than that? Could companies offer more? Would something a bit different offer a superior slant in attracting new employees?

Here are some trends that seem to be forming!

1. Free Lunch

Free Lunch at work

Who doesn’t like free food?! Stupid question…

Whilst many of us are organised enough to take in a pack lunch, this isn’t always a reliable way to ensure you can eat during your break. It is SO easy to stumble into a local Starbucks, Pret or Pod etc. The next thing you know you’ve spent £10 on a meal deal that definitely wasn’t worth it.

Free lunches mean that you can treat yourself without damaging your bank account. Your waistline may suffer however…

2. Flexible Working

working from home

Life happens! Kids finish school at 3pm, gym class starts at 6pm, social events, birthdays, emergency best friend support required and so on.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to change this up a bit?

More and more employers are starting to offer Flexi Time – ability to mould your working hours or even work from home if required, to fit around your personal life and other commitments! Not only will it decrease stress, it can also improve productivity, loyalty and employee mental health!

Chestertons offer Flexi Time in order to provide flexibility and home-based working where it’s due.

There is a lot to be said about flexible working and we think it might be the future! Have a read of this: 

3. Desk Massages

Walking to the train with a heavy bag, standing like a pencil on the tube and slouching at your desk all day really doesn’t do your back any good! A monthly massage to help de-stress and loosen those shoulders is not to be underestimated!

Fancy it? Check out these guys:

4. Emergency Holiday (A.K.A Hangover days)

We’ve all been there... #thirstythursday turned into #feelingroughfriday.

Few too many drinks after work. You won’t keep your breakfast down on the tube. You need a day off. What do you do?

Some companies (within reason) make allowances for last minute days off, rewarding people’s honesty and letting them recharge their batteries again!

5. Office Dogs

office dogs

Office dogs are the new must-have for a happy office. Not only are they super cute and provide some entertainment, dogs lower blood pressure and decrease stress.

One company sporting 2 very cute office dogs is London Shared who even future on their Meet the Team page!

6. Perkbox


A Perkbox membership can be given to employees as an additional benefit and rewards-based platform. The app features over 200 exclusive perks and discounts. From things like cinema tickets, free coffee, to money off meals out. The idea is to give employees a choice of benefits, which vary and are constantly updated, to promote financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Purplebricks have joined the hype - 

Check it out and give your boss a nudge!

7. Free Gym Membership

gym membership weights

Most people sign up to work on physical strength, building muscles and to lose weight. However, regular exercise improves your overall health, reduces stress, increases brain power and cognitive function, better memory and adds routine and discipline to your life. Offering a free gym member to employees can only be a positive thing!

Here’s a collection of companies whose employees benefit from a membership, saying it’s one of the best reasons to work at the company:

8. Longer Parental Leave

maternity and paternity leave

Bringing a baby into the world is an incredible thing and should be your absolute focus. Most companies offer Maternity leave which tends to be 9-12 months. Paternity leave is averaging at 2 WEEKS!

How is that fair? Here are some companies that are doing things differently!

9. Sabbatical Programs

sabbatical holiday

Going travelling seems increasingly popular. But how are you meant to “find yourself” if you only get to take 2 weeks off at most?

Sabbatical programs allow for longer periods of annual leave, without risking your role being there when you return! #getyourpassportout

10. Mental health & Training Support

World Mental Health Day

October 10th marked World Mental Health Day (

The amount of interaction and participation this day created was great to see across all social media platforms - the recognition that so many people are effected by Mental Health at some point in their lives is really important.

With this, perhaps more companies should offer support?

Southwest Trains for example, offer all employees and their dependents access to Clear Skies (, an employee assistance program that provides confidential counselling, work/life services, and legal consultations.