About Us

Connecting Property people

We have been providing exceptional service and standards to the property market since 2005. Over the last few years we have helped shape some of the property market’s leading firms. Since our inception we have been building an exceptional network of leaders and as such are able to give our clients and candidates access to each other without having to deal with the unnecessary wave of irrelevant jobs and candidates that other recruitment agents provide. We have an executive search focus which allows us to converse with the best of what the market has to offer as opposed to building re-active relationships. We have built and are continuing to build a community/network of property professionals who share our ideologies of honesty, integrity and drive.

We believe that recruitment and business should follow 2 key principles: Tell the truth (even when it hurts) and do what you say you are going to do. Working to these rare values has earned us the reputation that we have strived for as the leading recruiter in the property space. Our goal is to provide leadership for the future and exceptional quality for the now. If you’re not already part of the community then take action now.

Our Story.

Founded in 2005 as a single desk within a small independent recruitment consultancy in Hertfordshire. Dove & Hawk was born into a very buoyant property market, initially focusing on Executive Search assignments across mainly Estate Agency positions in London and Hertfordshire.

Surviving and thriving through downturn markets and ownership changes Dove & Hawk underwent significant changes in 2010 with current Directors James Huntly and Matthew Squirrell re-envisioning the company, simplifying our service to what it is today; A results driven, honest and passionate recruitment consultancy business.

Several placements later and reaching 2011, to match demand, James and Matthew hired Patrick Tonkin, now a Board Level Director who understood and further carried the business towards its vision of becoming a multi-faceted recruitment consultancy covering the whole of the South East of England.

James, Matthew and Patrick have a clear vision for the future of Dove & Hawk and over the last 5 years the business has grown from covering just Estate Agency to working with some of the leading Global Real Estate firms across several disciplines.


Meet candidates that can help you realise your business goals and match up with your company values and culture. Due to our executive search approach we have been able to build one of the largest networks of candidates across the property market. We promise you that as your recruitment partner we can access active or passive candidates within a reduced timescale, helping you reach your business goals quicker.

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From Entry Level to Board level we’ll represent you when it comes to applying to some of the best property firms across the world. Off market or on market positions – we have access to these positions and promise to represent you in a first-class manner.

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Dove & Hawk values

At Dove & Hawk, we feel our success stems from our company values, which every single team member wishes to live by. These are:

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    Speak and think positively of colleagues, clients and candidates

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    Do what you say you are going to do

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    Lead yourself well, as an example to client’s and colleagues

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    Always be honest with yourself, your colleagues, candidates and clients

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    Be consistent in your actions

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    Show desire to uphold personal ethics, and desire to achieve personal goals

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    Respect candidates, colleagues and clients alike

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    Give 100% commitment to everything you do

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    Take ownership for all that you do

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    Have a “can do” and “will do” attitude

Our company in numbers

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    job vacancies to apply for

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    still in placements 1 year later

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    increase in number of
    ​Dove & Hawk
    consultants since 2010

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    years combined property
    ​and recruitment experience